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A teenager went into a coma and awoke speaking another language. The case of Sandra Ralic, 13, has doctors baffled. She spoke Croatian before, but since waking up from her 24 hour coma, she has been unable to speak Croatian, but is able to communicate perfectly in German.

Her parents say she had only just started studying German at her school in Knin, southern Croatia. Local hospital chief Dujomir Marasovic said: "We are still trying to find out what caused the coma and why she has apparently forgotten how to speak Croatian."

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

1 Responses to The Croatian girl who awoke from coma speaking fluent German

  1. Chandu Says:
  2. nothing special this a german speaking soul in her she might have passed away in coma a dov=ctor from sri lanka...being a biddhist contry this is explainable in rebirth concept......i'v heard few stories from here too.good luck...after all every thing cannot be explained by science...


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